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Soppin' The Gravy
A Collection of Texas-Style Fiddle Tunes

Soppin The Gravy is Mark O'Connor's successful 1978 Texas Fiddle recording on Rounder Records that features old-time fiddle tunes he arranged for contests in his teens. In this collection, O'Connor made a great contribution to fiddling with his renditions of tunes he played in the Texas Style, one that he learned from his teacher Benny Thomasson. On the original albums liner notes, Mr. Thomasson talks about his pupil in the kindest of terms. "There is not room on this album for me to explain the extent of Marks musical talents. Ive met the greatest fiddlers in this nation, but to me Mark is the greatest one of all."

These arrangements have been some of the most studied and copied tunes in the American fiddling scene for decades. Daniel Carwile, one of Mr. OConnors long time fans, and a champion fiddler in his own right, has painstakingly transcribed in detail the early fiddle music of Mark OConnor.

Level: Intermediate / Advanced
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