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Mark O'Connor Downloadable Sheet Music
Welcome to the official source for Mark O'Connor sheet music!

Please Note: This is the only site authorized to offer Mark O'Connor sheet music titles.  If you are purhasing individual sheet music titles from any other site, please know that site is operating in violation of copyright laws and we'd like to know about it.

The music you order from this site is for digital download to your hard drive.  The music is not printed and mailed to you. All sheet music is downloaded as PDF files.  You will need to use Adobe Reader to open the sheet music PDF files after downloading. Please note that this service is only available online using a major credit card and delivery is made only via digital download in password protected PDF files. Thanks for ordering and enjoy the music!

- Mark O'Connor
You can only download one item at a time, so make sure to limit all purchases to one piece. Please keep a record of your password. You will need it each time you open your sheet music file.

We suggested that you not purchase sheet music using a tablet or other mobile device as it is more complicated to open the file directly in Adobe Reader. It is easier to purchase, download, and access the files on a traditional computer running Mac OS X or Windows. But you can use Adobe Reader on a mobile device if desired.

There are detailed instructions about downloading the sheet music files following your purchase.  We strongly advise that you read the instructions before downloading and follow them as you complete the process.  For security reasons, the process is involved, but it is not difficult.  If you are a novice computer user, you may want to ask someone with more experience to help you.   Refunds may be given if technical issues require you to repurchase a piece, but only following the 2nd purchase.  Technical support for sheet music downloads is available by clicking below.

Please know as you proceed through the ordering process, when you order your sheet music, you will need to make a record of your password as you will need the password each time you attempt to open your file.   You may think you will be able to remember.  The chances are you will not. 

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Sheet Music Titles

Strings - Solos, Duos, Trios and Quartets:
Appalachia Waltz Strings - 7 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Appalachia Waltz Unaccompanied - 5 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Amazing Grace (part of Midnight On The Water) - 3 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Blackberry Mull - 8 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Bonaparte's Retreat (part of Midnight On The Water)
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Bunker Hill (part of Liberty!)
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Caprice for Three - 4 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Caprices No.'s 1-6 - 19 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Caprice No. 4 for Mandolin
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Chief Sitting In The Rain
       (Listen to Excerpt)
College Hornpipe - 3 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Cricket Dance, The (part of Midnight On The Water) - 2 minutes
Devil's Dream (part of Liberty!)
Emily's Reel - 3 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
F.C.'s Jig - 3 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Fisher's Hornpipe - 4 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Flowers Of Edinburgh (part of Liberty!)
In the Summertime
Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier (part of Liberty!) - 3 minutes
Liberty! (Seven Folk Tunes for Violin)
    - Bunker Hill
    - Devil's Dream
    - Flowers Of Edinburgh
    - Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier
    - Song Of The Liberty Bell
    - Soldier's Joy
    - World Turned Upside Down
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Limerock - 2 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
M & W Rag - 5 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Midnight On The Water
    - The Cricket Dance
    - The Star Spangled Banner
    - Amazing Grace
    - Midnight On the Water
    - Bonaparte's Retreat
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Misty Moonlight Waltz - 3 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Old Country Fairy Tale - 9 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Olympic Reel
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Poem for Carlita - 8 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
       (Listen to unaccompanied Excerpt)
       (Listen to Movement I Excerpt)
       (Listen to Movement II Excerpt)
       (Listen to Movement III Excerpt)
Song Of The Liberty Bell - 5 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Soldier's Joy (part of Liberty!)
Soppin' The Gravy
    - Fourteen Texas-Style Fiddle Tunes
       (Listen to Excerpt A)
       (Listen to Excerpt B)
Star Spangled Banner, The (part of Midnight On The Water) - 2 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
String Quartet #2 (Bluegrass) - 37 minutes
String Quartet #3 (Old-Time) - 24 minutes
Strings & Threads Suite - 15 minutes
Vistas - 10 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
When Bidden To The Wake Or Fair
       (Listen to Excerpt)
World Turned Upside Down (part of Liberty!)

Strings and Various Instruments:
Brave Wolfe -7  minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Butterfly's Day Out - 5 minutes
Fiddle Sonata
Fiddle Sonata Trio
       (Listen to Excerpt)
October Impressions
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Piano Trio #2 (Strange Rims)
Strings & Threads Suite - 15 minutes
Thirty-Year Retrospective Collection 1 - 70 minutes
    - A Bowl of Bula
    - Bowtie
    - Butterfly's Day Out
    - Emily's Reel
    - Flight Home
    - From Panama to El Pichincha
    - Johnny Appleseed
    - Macedonia
    - March of the Pharoahs
    - Send Rainbows
    - Song of the Liberty Bell
    - Stone from Which the Arch was Made
       (Listen to Excerpt A)
       (Listen to Excerpt B)
Trio No. 1 (Poets and Prophets) -29  minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)

American Seasons - 38 minutes
       (Listen to Spring Excerpt)
       (Listen to Summer Excerpt)
       (Listen to Fall Excerpt)
       (Listen to Winter Excerpt)
Americana Symphony "Variations on Appalachia Waltz" - 33 minutes
       (Listen to Brass Fanfare Excerpt)
       (Listen to New World Fanciful Dance Excerpt)
       (Listen to Different Paths Towards Home Excerpt)
       (Listen to Open Plains Hoedown Excerpt)
       (Listen to Soaring Eagle, Setting Sun Excerpt)
       (Listen to Theme: Splendid Horizons Excerpt)
Appalachia Waltz Orchestral - 6 minutes
       (Listen to Appalachia Waltz Excerpt)
The FIDDLE CONCERTO - 45 minutes
       (Listen to Movement I Excerpt)
       (Listen to Movement II Excerpt)
       (Listen to Movement III Excerpt)
Song Of The Liberty Bell - 5 minutes
Strings & Threads Suite - 15 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Surrender The Sword - 10 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
The Fallen
Three Pieces for Violin and Orchestra - 57 minutes
       (Listen to Call of the Mockingbird Excerpt)
       (Listen to Fanfare for the Volunteer Excerpt)
       (Listen to Trail of Tears)

Folk Mass - 42 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)
Let Us Move - 15 minutes
       (Listen to Excerpt)

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