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Please choose from the most appropriate correspondence options listed below... if your letter doesn't fit any of the listed contact options, use the general form at the bottom of the page. Thanks!
Write to Mark
Email Address:
Mark O'Connor
General information and questions about Mark, his music and his career.

Emails to which Mark O'Connor writes a public reply are posted in a searchable database.Click here to read the Write to Mark correspondence.
Press Representative:
Email Address:
Ellen Jones Pryor
Please contact for media inquiries.

Mailing Address:
Ellen Jones Pryor
3811 Rolland Road
Nashville, TN 37205

tel (615) 243-1311
fax (615) 297-5168
Management / Booking Representative:
Ellen Jones Pryor
(615) 243-1311

Fiddle Camp / Strings Conference
Email Address:
Helen Holzen

Mailing Address:
Mark O'Connor Fiddle Camp, LLC
P.O. Box 110573
Nashville, Tennessee 37222 - USA
General Correspondence
If your reason for writing does not fall into the category of Write to Mark, Press Inquiries, or Fiddle Camp / Strings Conference questions, please use the form below:

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